Have you ever wondered what you would do if your current stream of income is suddenly interrupted? Are you prepared to handle the challenges that working in Corporate America brings? U Didn’t Get The Memo-Navigating Corporate America is a self-help book for the business professional working in corporate America and do not have an exit plan.

If you are newly entering the job market or a seasoned veteran in corporate America, “U Didn’t Get The Memo” is a book targeted just for you. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor indicates that 23% of people will hold seven or fewer jobs in their lifetime. That means that 3 out of 4 people will have eight or more jobs during their careers. Sustaining a career with a single employer in today’s world is extremely hard. In today’s economy, companies are consolidating and downsizing which means in many cases letting people go. Try as you might, in most instances, you aren’t given a lot of notice if any at all that you are about to join the ranks of the unemployed. “U Didn’t Get the Memo” is a book for those that have been caught off guard and not prepared to have their income stream interrupted or for those who fear uncertainty and want to be better prepared.


“U Didn’t Get the Memo” provides insights on the importance of having a plan B. If you are currently unemployed, new to the job market, recently downsized or you just want to be better prepared, this book is for you. Following the advice in “U Didn’t Get The Memo” puts you in control of your life and career. Life may throw you a curve ball filled with uncertainty and change but at least you can be better prepared to embrace those changes.

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