How It All Started

Thoughts of a Common Man



Gloria Bailey-Ray got her start in radio when she was introduced to Mr. Charles “The Chief” Williams at OWH Studio.   He approached her, asking if she would consider being his co-host on his radio show to be aired on TPNG radio station.  The show was called “Thoughts of a Common Man”."  The "Chief" said he wanted Gloria to be his co-host because he “liked her style.” Gloria was intrigued about being a co-host and being on the air.  Thoughts of a Common Man had a successful run.     

Radio Show


Real Talk with Lady G


 After a year of working with "The Chief” Gloria decided to go it alone and branched out with her own show, Real Talk with Lady G.  At the same time, she was approached by two friends who pitched hosting a television show locally that focused on medical issues. Although the television show didn’t work out, Gloria was introduced to a studio, BCM (Berkeley Community Media) where she could produce and film her television show.  Her show was aired on local Comcast stations channel 10, 28 & 32.     

On the camera


At Berkeley Community Media, Gloria  thrived, spending the next few years immersed in learning how to use everything in the studio from camera equipment, lighting to doing background and sound checks. 

TV Show


 Gloria's weekly television show, "U" Didn't Get the Memo was one of the premier TV shows on the BCM Comcast channel 28 and 10 networks.   

Both Gloria’s radio and television shows were born out of her book, “U” Didn’t Get the Memo-Navigating Corporate America.  When she's not on the "tube" you can find her behind the mic podcasting her radio show "U" Didn't Get the Memo.



Berkeley Community Media was the perfect place for Gloria to "cut her teeth" on learning the aspects of television broadcasting.    

After producing shows and learning her way around a production studio, Gloria was primed for a much larger platform. Her shows will now air weekly on KOFY-TV20 in thousands of households covering (all nine Bay Area counties) of Northern California.